peaceIn this crazy world we live in, peace of mind is a priceless treasure. However, like the proverbial search for the Holy Grail, finding peace of mind has been an elusive dream to many.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz can put a stop to your endless search for peace of mind with his best-seller Psycho-Cybernatics. In this book, he expresses his belief that happiness and success are habits that are the keys to peace of mind.  Just are these positive attitudes are habits, so are failures and miseries.  Fortunately, these negative habits can be changed and his book shows you how.

The word “cybernetic” is a Greek term for ‘a helmsman who steers his ship to port.’  As his book aims “to steer the mind to a productive, useful goal to reach peace of mind”, Dr. Waltz chooses the title Psycho-Cybernetics for it.

Psycho-Cybernetics defines the mind-body connection which is the core in attaining personal goals — a concept that, as Dr Maxwell puts it, turns crises into creative opportunities, dehypnotize you from false beliefs, and celebrate new freedom from fear and guilt”.

drmaxWhat inspired Dr. Maxwell Waltz to write the book were his experiences as a re-constructive plastic surgeon. He noticed that his patients, despite the excellent results of his surgical procedures, failed to have the feelings of happiness and self-worth they hoped to achieve. The success of his surgical work to give them new, perfect faces failed to cure their personal insecurities. He decided from then on to treat, not only “outer scars”, but “inner scars” as well through “emotional” surgery.

Psycho-Cybernatics which was written in 1960 has become a classic self-help book whereby motivational and self-help experts in personal development like Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, and Brian Tracy based their techniques. The book also discusses the cognitive behavioural technique that is used in training elite athletes on how to regulate their self-concept. Dr. Waltz teaches why goal-setting is essential to the development of techniques he refers to as the power of self-affirmation and mental visualization. These techniques, he says, build up positive inner goals that are necessary in the development positive outer goals. Focusing on the inner attitudes is vital because the person’s positive outcome of his outer success depends on what he visualizes internally.

If you are still seeking for that elusive peace of mind, you can put more living in your life with positive attitude with Dr. Maxwell Martz’ Psycho-Cybernetics – your key to peace of mind!