Believe it or not, you are business.
Your personal economy is very much like any business out there small or large. Consiously or unconsiously you and your life is based around elements such as; Money, Marketing & Sales, Production and Innovatoin and Development. You can choose to utilize these aspects of your life in a greater or lesser form, but they are part of you wether you like it or not.

Everyone has to deal with money in a smaller or larger scale.

Millionaire next door, most wealth entrepreneurs are really good with money because they are used to dealing with budgets, cashflow and investment in their companyie(s) this readily prepares them for better personal finance decision.

Marketing & Sales

You sell yourself in all settings


Most likely you have to produce something to live.

Innovation & Development

Throughout life you develop again you can choose how much you would like to develop. Some people are content and minimise this activities while others are keen and eager to learn and grow throughout life.