Every one of us is unique. We are born different. The reason why we should not think we’re losers because we cannot do what Michael Jordan did. We should not think we’re nobody because we could not read nor write. We should not lose hope whenever people say we cannot go no further. You know why? – Because we are made according to our individual purpose in life.

You do not have to force yourself to dance just because your friends knows how to. You do not have to be caged in a perception verbalized by other people’s thoughts. If we compare ourselves to other people, we end up doing parallel to our purpose. We may achieve some something, but we could have been much greater than that.

The key is finding our own individuality so that we know what we should do in our life. We have to know who we are to live a life worth living. Look deep within yourself, assess your actions, learn from mistakes, and decide better judgements.

Look back, only for the purpose of moving on. The past is your teacher and you are its master. So move on!