In the world of online marketing, no matter how many links you build in your web or even if you invade all social media in the internet with your articles, the chance of you getting anywhere is slim if your contents are mediocre.

On the other hand, if your contents are really of value to your readers, they will surely find their way to make it big in the internet. Once people discover that your articles are helpful and your insights meaningful, they will be more than happy to share them with their friends.

Your success in the internet marketing hinges primarily to the contents of your articles. They must catch the eye of internet users. But how do you write contents worth reading?

Here are some tips on how you could come up with articles that will make difference to your audience:


1. Focus on what interests you. You need not go any further to find interesting topics to write because most of them are just right under your nose. Write about things you are personally passionate about such as your unique hobby; or how you manage a flourishing home business; or an advocacy you are enthusiastic about. You can also write about your personal experiences that may inspire others. When you write on subjects you yourself are excited about, your enthusiasm will show through your writing and will have an effect on your readers. Without this element in your work, your readers will find you boring and uninteresting.

2. Give old ideas new twists. There is nothing wrong in writing about ideas you have written before especially if they received good reactions from readers. Just try to give them new twist or present them from a different angle. Chances are, most will not recognize that they are rehash of earlier work and find them interesting.

3. Provide expanded knowledge. Many readers surf the internet looking for information. Unfortunately, countless sites compete in this market. To gain an edge over them is really an uphill struggle unless you can offer something others lack or do not have — details. Most sites have blogs giving only general or basic information which leave readers hanging or unsatisfied. You can capitalize on this hunger for more information by writing on the same subjects but with more details and explanations. This kind of blogs is most useful to students, mentors, and researchers. The market for the academe is still not fully tapped in the net. Taking advantage of this opportunity means better content and a major selling point for your blog.

4. Aim to be an authority on the topics you write. This does not necessarily mean that you must be exceptionally knowledgeable on the subject. However, at least, try to be “somewhat” an expert in the field and this can be achieved by diligent research work. Writing articles from a position of knowledgeable authority will help boost your site’s image as a reliable source of information.


If you follow the above tips, they may start you to write eye-catching contents for your blogs and help you succeed in the internet marketing. If you do not have a knack in writing, you can always outsource someone or a virtual assistant writer to write for you.