Not long ago i wrote a short article about “Just Doing It” when starting a business. However its easier to choose direction if you know what you want to do in life. I quite recently started writing a business plan for myself as a person. I used a standard format for any business and filled it in for myself and my future. This is an effective way of mapping what the future looks like and therefore you will be able to focus and prepare for future challenges.

Everyone on earth is a business.
You are a product, that needs to conform to legal aspects of society, you work within a system, communication is key to survival and cashflow makes or breaks your life.
You will need to work with people to succeed (Team). You will be in charge of your life (Leadership). You will also have a mission in life if not at first having a mission will greatly improve your chances of the above (mission).

Writing a business plan for myself is a great help for setting my future focus and agenda. Once you start a company you will not have time to think about yourself very much and its therefore a great place to start with your own goals to figure out how to achieve your goals and enjoy life.