During the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992, one athlete showed the world the meaning of true sport and the meaning of moving on. In life, there are times that no matter how we practice and work things out, they do not always end the way we would like it to happen. However, that does not mean we can’t be a true winner. This is a powerful and moving story of Derek Redmond –a favored athlete to medal in the Olympic 400 meter sprint among others. However, something happened in the middle of his race.

As the world’s fastest runners compete to reach the finish line, Derek felt a searing pain 150 meters into the race. He was left behind by others and alone. He fell to the ground with a torn hamstring and cried in agony.

However, despite advices from security and people who came to him, he is determined to continue the race carrying the pain from his leg and sadness from his heart. Step by step, slowly, he hopped and continued racing. A man broke through the security and came to Derek’s side – it was his father.

His father said, “He does not have to do this”, but Derek replied, “Yes I Do!” Knowing that his son’s determination is steadfast, his father comforted his son and told him, “Well then, we’re going to finish together!”

Derek was last in the race, but shortly before he reached the finish line to complete the race, he receives a standing ovation from a crowd of over 65,000 people. He moved them with his determination and showed them true spirit, sport, and being a true winner. He won, nonetheless.