Super successful Hollywood A-lister Will Smith is featured in this video. His feats do not just end in being a popular celebrity, but he is also a rapper, song writer, musician and has won 4 Grammy awards. His performances in numerous films have also garnered him a lot of Golden Globe nominations and he has been accorded as one of the Top 50 Most Beautiful People in the world by People Magazine.

He used to talk before he could walk and that’s what gets him into trouble most of the time. He also delves into his childhood, his family and his ideas on divorce as well as his interest in music. Be inspired with his humble beginnings and how he got to succeed in all he does now. Watch this video to the end and learn everything not just about him but also on how to achieve things you want to be!

Will Smith is just one awesome person and even though some people says he is overrated, most of you can’t really get enough of him. What do you think? Share your ideas on Will Smith below.