This animated video is a great story about perspectives and knowing the truth. Some of us, if not all, tend to limit our vision based on the things that we perceive.  We sometimes limit our thoughts based on what we experience.

You might say, “This is not something that we should blame ourselves for. We are humans and we are imperfect; we just do know everything; it is part of our life – being limited.” Although it is not bad to be practical on things, it is not good to stick with such kind of attitude either. The world is ever changing and it continues to evolve because we go beyond to what we see, hear, feel, heard, and touched. We widen our perspectives and looked at the world in every angle.

In ancient times, people thought that the world is flat. But, here comes Copernicus; he perceived that the world is round and is revolving around the sun. Imagine: if we remained innocent, we could not have discovered space. Developments that we experienced today could have been delayed.

Hence, we must widen our perspectives to get closer to the truth and use our imagination to gain more freedom.