1There was a time in not too distant past when IT was seen as a very complex and too complicated task for most employees. It was regarded as some sophisticated business process beyond the reach of small and medium sized outfits. Furthermore, the installation and maintenance of the hardware and software involved took considerable time to implement with little chance of success.

Fortunately, with the advent of outsourcing, most of the mystery associated with IT has been minimized, if not completely eliminated. Not only does outsourcing prevent headaches to businessmen, it also saves them money. It now makes IT available to small and medium sized businesses. On the light of the benefits that outsourcing offer, why then should you outsource your IT especially if you own a small or medium-sized company?

Here are some of the obvious reasons why you should:

  • It saves you money. In fact, your saving may run up to thousands per year when you move IT off-site by
  1. Reducing hardware expenses such as servers, storage, cabling, and date centre space. All these are passed to your contracted provider.
  2. Eliminating the salaries and benefits for IT employees which you otherwise have to take care if you hire your in-house IT.
  3. Reducing capital expenditures on servers that depreciates
  • It offers you accessibility to software. By outsourcing IT, you are assured of the latest software versions (including malware protections) that can be up-dated automatically by your provider. This eliminates the need for you to have your own technicians to take workstation offline time and expense to do upgrades.
  • 1It enables you to focus on your core business. Outsourcing your IT eliminates dealing with technical issues. Loss of productivity due to the sporadic “system going down” is greatly reduced. An outsourced IT provider monitors this problem constantly thus resulting to greater stability and uptime of the system.
  • It enhances security for your business. Outsourced IT providers see to it that malware, hacks, and other intrusions to the system are strictly safeguarded. Also, by keeping the data off-site, they are safe from natural or man-made disasters such fire or flooding.
  • Hiring expenses are eliminated. The expensive running of ads, screening and hiring, and training of additional employees for upgrading your IT system is eliminated. The outsourced provider takes care of the scaling up of the system. Hence, you both save time and be assured of meeting your requirements for a reliable IT services to boost your business.

Now that you are aware why you should outsource your IT, why not start browsing the web for a reputable IT provider? The sooner you start benefitting from it, the better for your business. Good luck!