When things go wrong where we are implicated in the problem, our first reaction in most (if not all) cases is to blame others. Maybe, it is a human instinct for self-preservation, but this attitude or reaction is counter-productive to our own welfare.

When we blame others, it means we deny responsible for the mistake and its consequences. Since we do not own any responsibility in the problem, we do not examine our own actions which may have started the resulting mess; we ignore what causes it; so we do not learn anything from the experience and we are bound to repeat the same mistake!

This attitude is dangerous especially when we run a business. Try hard as we possibly can, we will meet problems along the way. They may be caused by our mismanagement or of wrong decisions we make but not owning our part in the problems will not resolve them. Ignoring them or blaming other people or situations for these problems only aggravates the situations.

The wiser move to take when things go wrong with our business is not to look the other way or look for scapegoats but do some self-examination. Try to learn from the problem. Ask positive questions such as:


  1. Did we not have the skills we needed?
  2. How did we assess the job incorrectly?
  3. How can we improve our skill set?
  4. Did we trust the wrong people?
  5. What can we do to improve everyone’s accountability in the future?
  6. Was our time management not up to the task?
  7. What can we do to sharpen those skills?
  8. Were there personal attributes that made the desire outcome difficult?
  9. What can we do to improve those personal attributes?

These questions are going to guide you to success in the future and help you recover from the bad outcome faster.


One lesson you may glean from the above positive questions is the realization that you may need outside assistance to solve your problems. When you recognize that you are overwhelmed by tasks or you lack skilled workers to perform them, a very good option that you may take is to let others take some of the responsibilities off your back.

Many outsourcing companies online, like the Mr. Outsource, can help meet your need for skilled and efficient workers. This will be a cost efficient step for you because it will eliminate expenses that entail new hiring and training of staff.

Everyone makes mistakes, including us, and blaming will get us nowhere. Instead, turn these mishaps in our business into something positive by treating them as learning experiences. Analyze the problem, learn from it, and move on!




This video may help you regarding outsourcing: