Most entrepreneurs and businessmen used to think that they must first focus or focus more on how to run after clients in order to grow their business. But let’s the undeniable truth: the success of any business depends foremost on its people, those who run the day-to-day operation, the unsung heroes behind the scene of the business. These people are considered the real backbones of any operation. Their strength and competence spell the success of the business.

Being such important factors in any business, choosing the right people to help run a business successfully is vital but searching for the right and competent workers is both time-consuming and expensive. This is where outsourcing companies, like Mr. Outsource, come in handy because not only does Mr. Outsource provides a cost effective recruitment of virtual employees, it also able to get them from a most reliable source—the Philippines.


It is a globally known fact that most Filipino workers are the most sought after because of their ideal work habit and business acumen, but also for their competence and fluency in English, the international business language. What kind of tasks can you outsource? Just almost anything and we suggest that the following virtual workers be outsourced because they could save any company up to 80% of the work load as well as operating expenses.



In this age of social media and networking, maintaining a strong presence in the social media plays a crucial part to the success of your overall online marketing strategy. A great number of clients, and still growing exponentially, are now depending on these social media for their needs so maintain a strong ….etc. Unfortunately, keeping track of all these sites is not only a herculean job but requires full time monitoring if it is to be effective. Here is where the need for social media virtual assistant comes in to set up and manage your social media accounts like Facebook, TWITTER, YOUTUBELINKEDIN, etc. He takes care the day-to-day running of all these media like uploading pictures and videos, submission and updating of posts, and communicating w/ your clients and followers. He creates a personalized presence or online brand in the social media world and establish you an expert in your field.


Tasks You Can Outsource:

  • Transcription – a time-consuming task to transcribe podcasts, videos to text version
  • Blog-posting – for ads and marketing to maintain active presence in social media
  • Content Research – searching for new topics for your particular niche
  • Social media and blog management and web designer
  • Search Engine Optimizations – for online marketing
  • Data mining –sales follow up emails, adding opt-in forms in websites, produce additional websites, building a list of
  • prospective clients
  • Data entry
  • Calendar Management
  • Project management


For more details on how to outsource, especially in the Philippines, go to Mr. Outsource.

  1. Virtual sales assistant – experienced in marketingng your products or services. Helps make the best decisions,
  2. do market research, even communicate directly w/clients through e-mails. Track feedbacks in order to fix any
  3. problems before it develops to anything serious.
  4. Online personal assistant and staffing service
  5. Web designer, developer. Designers in the phil. Live up to the standards that creative professional must have.