The need for virtual assistants is the result of the global virtual organization that dominates online. Virtual assistants take on the work of any work that can be outsourced while allowing themselves freedom in other areas of life. He/she provides administrative, creative, and technical assistance from a home office. Being a virtual assistant, however, means more than just working remotely. A VA must learn and adapt to the changing environment that they work in. Being flexible allows them to find work and maintain clients without compromising work quality.

One of the most sought after virtual assistants these days are staff who can attend to the everyday needs of people like buying supplies for the office or even for domestic needs at home like groceries, medications,paying of bills, buying gifts during important occasions or any personal errands.

Before, such tasks are done by persons who are hired by companies or individuals on a permanent basis. As such, these employees are required under the law to enjoy the usual benefits of any employees like SSS membership, medicare coverage, accident/life insurance, regular salary increases, and other perks such as year-end bonuses.

Obviously, these expenses cost a big dent in a company’s or individual’s budget. Fortunately, these staff who can perform these errands could be outsourced from companies like Mr. Outsource.

By hiring these personnel from reliable outsourcing companies, both organisations or individuals and the outsourced personnel benefit.



1. Personnel are hired only as needed so they are not included in the regular payroll. Being contractual, the company is not required by law (unless on its own volition) to take care of the outsourced SSS and other perks given to regular employees.

2. Since outsourced personnel are only paid as per the task completed, the arrangement is costeffective for the company since no unproductive hours are wasted. This allows clients to avoid paying an employee for downtime that may be spent making personal calls, taking breaks and using the Internet for personal reasons.

3. The company is assured that someone is always at hand to perform the task. Time and moneyconsuming absenteeism is avoided.

4. For companies requiring work on temporary projects, virtual assistants are the ideal choice over temporary employees. Working with a VA, rather than a temporary employee, allows the client to eliminate agency fees and minimum work hour requirements.

5. Regular staff can concentrate more on their actual duties and responsibilities since timeconsuming minor tasks are relegated to outsourced personnel.

6. Companies are assured that honest and reliable personnel are assigned to them by the outsourcing company. These personnel are carefully screened and have necessary police clearances.

7. Companies are saved the expenses and hustles of hiring additional personnel.

8. Only healthy and able-bodied personnel who can do the task fast and efficiently are assigned by the outsourcing company to their clients.




1. A virtual assistant is free to do only the task that fits his/her abilities and availability—a choice not open to regular employees on a company’s payroll.

2. A virtual assistant is free to do other errands for other companies or individuals. He/she is not constraint by company rules, unlike regular employees. Their income depends on their personal motivations and diligence.

3. A virtual assistant’s time is flexible. No one dictates on him/her when to work on a given task. All that is required is that the task is completed within a certain time period.



As a VA, you should be honest with your clients. Let the clients know what you, as their virtual assistants, enjoy about working for them. When necessary, offer suggestions on how certain areas can be improved. Be honest about your personal life and let them know why you may not be available during certain hours. This will not only lead to a less stressful job, but it will let the client know that you have a personal interest and passion in what you do, which will go a long way in getting you good referrals.