I just finished reading “Who moved my Cheese” by Dr. Spencer Johnson this saturday and really enjoyed the book. A friend of my brothers called Wole from Nigeria told me about it. We were discussing entrepreneurship, because he really want to start a company, but simultaniously has been offered a very good job with six figure salary. Dilemme hey 🙂 Anyhow, he told me about this book when I mentioned he should re read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. It´s a really short book that you can go through in a day or two (it´s about 60 pages or so).

 The book has 4 characters Hem, Haw, Sniff & Scurry that all represent different human traits and the books leads you through an inspirational thought process that opens you up to think differently about the ever changing world we live in.
“Change is the only constant.” Heraclitus

Give it a read and you will make up your own mind.
So the same day I read this book I was playing 21 with my brother. 21 is a game where you do free throws which give you 2 points, if you miss you can get 1 point by putting it in after you miss. Anyhow if you want to learn the game google it!

What I realized was that I could use visualisation before doing the free throws to great effect. This takes time and effort and it may drive your contender slightly nuts, becasue he has to wait for you, but it works! Not all the time, but the more i used the technique of really feeling the shoot and the ball swishing the more often I was able to make the shoot. The biggest effect was the next day where I was unstoppable. How does this connect with Who moved my Cheese? Well focus on the cheese all the time especially when it does not work, see it clearly in your mind like you are eating it and you will have cheese. Another great experience was letting go of the missed shoots, why would you even want to relive and experience a failed shoot again NO! Focus on the great feeling of making the shoot and when you do it feel double amazing. Well that´s the experience I wanted to share, but you can do this with every little action in your day and amazing things will happen.