We go through a lot in life and most of the time we feel there is nothing left for us in this world. We fear to pursue our dreams because we are afraid of the things we do not know yet. Indeed, the fear of the unknown is much scarier than what actually is happening.

Money cannot buy anything, nor can it save you from all your fears. And, it is certainly because money can only provide superficial happiness and satisfaction. It could make your life a bit easier, but not that happier.

However, if you got love in your life…well… not just romantic affection, but love for what you are doing and fondness of life, you will become more satisfied and happy. The way to become more satisfied in life is doing what you love to do or working what you do best and what you enjoy at doing. This gives us a purpose in life and not just giving gratification to our wants and desires.

So, if you already knew what you want to do and you have the resolve to pursue doing your passion and you knew you could not fail, then you decide to do it. However, we sometimes get stuck in a moment and we start to think –where to begin from here?  Whatever you do, always find the purpose to guide you along the way. It will be like your guiding star to get to where you wish to go or achieve what you want to accomplish.

However, once you found your purpose and do what you love doing it becomes much bigger and meaningful if it affects people and that people will also love what you are doing – and that is true service and a true life-fulfillment.