Instead of burying yourself with repetitive tasks, you can let virtual assistants handle the paperworks necessary in running a start-up business while you take care of strategies to improve it. This is the foremost reason why you hire VA’s in the first place. But don’t expect that they can adjust to their job overnight. You have to lead the way and be their guide in maximizing their full potential through trainings, implementing systems and dealing with them fairly. When you are able to successfully cultivate an outsourcing culture that brings the best out of everyone, your business is sure to run smoothly and profitably.



Here are some tips that will help you tap the skills of your virtual assistants for more productivity:

1. Give them time to adjust. At the start, don’t expect too much from your VA’s as they need to orient themselves first with your needs and requirements. Provide a thorough orientation about your business and how you like things done. Set your expectations clearly so that they will understand what is required of them.

2. Delegate or drown. This means, you have to be able to leverage your time by delegating what is less important and repetitive so that you have more time to plan and strategize for your business. Remember, you hired a VA to gain more time and become more productive by being able to better focus on the most essential aspects of your venture.

3. As an old slogan says, “Don’t assume.” Never assume that what is understandable instructions for you, will be easy to understand too by your VA’s. Each person has different levels of perception so you have to instruct them concisely and clearly. When something goes wrong, don’t assume it’s because they did not listen but it’s also maybe your instructions were vague.

4. Target realistic deadlines and build their trust with you. Consider the complexity of a particular task and the time they have to spend for the kind of job you are giving them. If it’s their first time, they are more likely to need a longer deadline too. As for building trust, it is a two-way process so if you want them to trust you, then you also have to believe in them. Don’t micromanage your virtual assistants as it will put unnecessary pressure on them and will consume your time.

5. Appreciate jobs done well and tell them straight. If you can afford it, give them some bonus here and there to show how you treasure their work especially if it’s something really excellent. Also a very important tip is to never neglect to pay them on time. Virtual assistants will be able to give their 100% to their jobs if they don’t have to worry about getting their bills paid just because you were late in sending payment.


Enjoy this new working relationship, have fun and maximize your VA’s potential to the fullest!