mentorsMentors and gurus all point out to the importance of your mindset in improving your life and attaining success. They advise you to always maintain a positive mindset but this is as general and vague as telling you to be happy always. These gurus often do not detail what a positive mindset looks like or how to know you are on the right tract in having one. I hope this article can give you a clearer picture of what a positive mindset really is. That way, you will have a definite target to hit.

To guide you better in aiming for a positive mindset, compare these characteristics of a person with a positive mindset to yours:

  • He enjoys the present moment. He savours and enjoys his present moment, his “here” and “now”. He appreciates and considers it a gift to cherish. He believes that “past” is gone. To continue regretting about its sins and mistakes is a waste of time and energy. He is also aware that the “future” is still a dream that is impossible to predict, so why worry about it now? He knows that if he lets the past and the future dominate his life, he may lose his “present” if he does not find the time to focus on it.  It will be too late then to realize that his “present” will quickly become his past and regret not having done anything while it was still at hand.
  • largeHe acts promptly. He appreciates ideas and knowledge but he is aware that they should be accompanied with actions to be of any use. His feet are planted firmly on the ground when he defines his goals.  He comes up with challenging dreams but patient enough to start small. This is the reason why he does not waste his time procrastinating when and how to start working on his dreams. He is confident of their attainment in due time.
  • He welcomes changes and challenges. He is adaptable to changes, especially the inevitable ones. He does not waste time fighting them. He looks at them as challenges that bring him additional strength and wisdom to face the future. He is not afraid to take calculated risks if needed. He believes that is the best way to grow. He is willing to try and learn new things and skills. He strives to excel in his field, and if possible, in other endeavors as well. He possesses a “growth” mindset as oppose to a “fixed” one.
  • mentorsHe is in control of himself. He is well-disciplined person.  He knows how to work and how to play to keep his life balanced. Although he is aware that anything worth getting in life requires hard work and dedication, he values the worth of rest and enjoyment to avoid premature burnouts that can jeopardize his future. He maintains focus on whatever he is presently doing and does not get distracted from his goals.
  • He is quick to reach out to others. He does not hesitate to extend a helping hand without compromising his own welfare. He knows how to prioritize his tasks and time. He is aware that no man is an island; that he must deal comfortably with others if he is to live happily in the society. This will enable him to give and get help as well whenever he needs it.
  • He is resilient and flexible. He knows how to be strong or bend if needed to achieve his goal without losing his dignity and self-worth. He is aware that it would not be wise to be too proud and stick stubbornly when faced with impossible choices which may just unnecessarily waste his energy and time. He has a healthy dose of self-confidence without being haughty or too presuming.  He is aware of his limitations and makes the best of them.
  • mentorsHe has an optimistic outlook. He tries to see the good things or outcomes even in seemingly bleak situations. He believes that everything that happens to him is his choice so he does not pass the blame to others. He admits to his faults and tries to make the best of them. If he fails, he does not sulk but just chalks it up as another learning experience and moves on with life.

Review the above qualities of a person with a positive mindset. If you find some of them, or hopefully all, congratulations! You are in the path of having the right mindset that can propel you to success. Otherwise, it is never too late to start working on it. Good luck!