Champions are not born, they’re made. Otherwise, you can say we are all champions in the first place because we are all born equal – without any knowledge of the world. It is in perceiving reality, nurturing goals, and gaining pace that determines a true champion. Olympians who achieved gold medals spend half of their life practicing, sacrificing all other options in life just to reach the only goal they envisioned in life – the gold Medallion of success.

We all can become a great champion like the athletes in the above video. The question is how soon can we start, where do we plan on planting that dream, and how are we going to do it? The most crucial part is making decisions. Once you have set your vision and focused your attention only to one thing, never stop pursuing it and spend half of your life practicing and training to achieve it.

Goals can be measured. It is an objective reality that we set ahead of us. We are the ones who created it, and we are ones capable of achieving it. Getting there can be frustrating, humiliating, exhausting, or daunting, but the moment that we make our goals we already know such difficulties must be endured first.

Go ahead, be the champion that you want to be!