Alright, you have already made the decision to hire your first Virtual Assistant. How do you train her and ensure that she is productive throughout the hours that you are paying her? In this post, I’ll give you not only one, but three effective ways that will assure you will get quality results from your Virtual Assistant from the Philippines.


Set Expectations Clearly and Properly

As I’ve stressed in older posts, you have to set expectations properly before you get them to work on a certain task. Define the end-results that you want to achieve and the responsibilities that your VA has to shoulder in order to reach those results. Discuss everything thoroughly including the manner you want it done, or if you want to give her free reign in achieving results. Regardless of the kind of approach that you want to get a particular project to be tackled, what’s more important is to discuss them with your VA first.



Now let’s proceed to the three excellent ways to make your VA’s become more productive.


Apply Trainings for the Long-Term

Even if the person you hired had ample experience in being an online assistant, trainings are still needed to hone her skills better. Think of it as a good investment because giving your VA proper training will ensure success in the future. In helping them develop their strengths and overcome their weaknesses for the long term, your employee will only become better and better. Get her to keep up with the pace that you want things done and give them the drive to do things at an okay level but rather with the best results.


Utilize Audio, Videos and Training Software

In creating training materials, use videos and audio files so that they can clearly understand what it is that you really want from them. In fact, there is no need to create your training tools from scratch, you can tap the free Lessons and Resources we provide here in You can also use any training software that you think will enrich the working knowledge of your VA.


Give Regular Feedback and Communicate Often

Positive reinforcement is always great in getting the most out from your Filipino VA. If something doesn’t work right, provide feedback that is constructive so that your VA will be able to learn from her mistakes and improve. This is also why you need to communicate with your VA on a regular basis so that you can track her progress and she can tell you if there’s anything wrong.