“Neo, sooner or later you’re going to realize, just as I did, that there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” Morpheus Matrix I

I have always liked this segment of “Good Will Hunting” but it was only today that I truely understood why. Most things you have to do, to learn. I don´t mean read in a book, go to a seminar or reading this blog. I mean sometimes you have to jump in and take a chance with life, that is as true for starting a business as it is for finding love and I believe that it is in these moments you truely feel alive and are at your best. Don´t get me wrong I love learning, reading and educating myself to becoming a better entrepreneur, but its when you really go for it and throw yourself into something that you get this amazing feeling, at least I do. I love taking the chance on something, not always knowing what the outcome is. The only outcome I know is what I have and can visualize the outcome to be, and more times than not my thoughts materialize into physical stuff and that feels truely amazing.

What I find so powerfull in this clip from Good Will Hunting is how true it is that with some things you actually have to experience being an entrepreneur to really know how it is. I guess I´m writing this part because there are so many people that will tell you what they think about your business idea and what you should do with it, but I recommend only listening to people that are successfull entrepreneurs themselves. Seek these people out and ask them what they think about your venture and you will get a much better answer than someone that know a whole lot of theory. This doesn´t mean theory is not great, but I believe theory with a mix of real life experience is the absolute best way to become great at building companies. So I encourage you at some point to jump in and swim the best you can 🙂