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Give those things a go and see how you get on. It’s true that some people are very visual. I don’t know what your dominant sense is but we all have the power to visualise. If you can remember what color your front door is that is sufficient for visualization (because you have to ‘see it’, however briefly, to be able to remember it). Relax, you don’t have a problem. You can improve your visualization. You start with basic outlines and then gradually learn to build up and enrich the picture by adding more details. Sometimes it helps to write down a description before hand, which is rich in sensory details (not just visual but feelings, sensations, tastes, temperatures, smells, sounds etc) and then read it and visualize along with the reading of it. Your intention should be sufficient to achieve your results.
Other visualization exercises that are suggested are:
  • ‘Seeing’ through closed eyelids
  • Drawing, sketching and doodling more
  • Making visual mind-maps
  • Recording your dreams
  • Using more visual words and phrases in your language
  • Pretending / Imagining / Remembering instead of that big scary word ‘visualizing’
  • Using visualization software and drawing packages like 3D Poser, 3DMax etc
I’ve got to dash, Mrs Walnut is waiting for me to go shopping with her. I hope these brief suggestions help you improve your visualization skills. Please feel free to write back with your results or further questions.
Warmest Regards,
Wily Walnut

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