Erlend Bakke Author of the 1# Amazon International Bestseller ‘Never Work Again

Hi Erlend Bakke here signing off another thing on my bucket list which is seeing the 9/11 memorial. My brother used to work in Lehman Brothers in the building just behind here. He was on here during the terrorist attack but he has a special connection with the World Trade Center and the whole incident because he used to work here,  he knew people here and it’s definitely worth coming to see.

For me the memorial here this is called a south tower fountain south part of the memorial. This is basically where the tower was for me, it’s a very special experience coming here and I suggest  you just come here in take it all in but for me all the water fall and the rain coming in to the middle is all the tears for the people that died here on 9/11.

Erlend Bakke here, signing off another thing on my bucket list which was taking in the memorial of the 9/11. This is the new building being put up it’s not finish yet but it will be finish soon. Okay Erlend Bakke here signing out from New York City lower Manhattan from 9/11 memorial Bye-bye.