A virtual Answering Service phone operator is hired specially to answer calls and either take a message or transfer the call. It may require the use of multiple telephones, computers, and/or a switchboard. Depending on the business your answering for, an operator may need to know certain information in order to answer customer questions. Operators are trained to adapt to each type of business. Each business is different, so a uniform operator is not what you need. Operators are trained to handle all types of businesses like:

• Take calls from customers, and have the knowledge to answer general questions

• Be personal to each customer

• Stay organized for each call from each customer, be able to file in databases information from each call

• Set up the shipment of products, brochures, and any other information to interested customers.


The Versatility Of Our Employees Reflects On Their Skills

Answering service operators can be called to work in different places, depending on the type of business for which you are contracting them. Each employee can choose their hours, for operators can work full-time, parttime, or on a casual basis. Some may be required to do shifts and/or weekend hours. It is all dependent upon the specific needs of your company; our operators are here to help you.


Personal Requirements for a virtual telephone operator:

Each operator working in the answering service is in charge of his or her own character or behaviour and since virtual receptionists are not machines, each is unique in his or her own way. For those reasons, each must work on many skills, here a few as an example:

• People Skills

• Computer skills

• Motivation

• Teamwork

• Friendly and Pleasant

• Concise, Precise




Although both a virtual telephone operator and a call centre agent offer similar service of receiving and answering calls for a client, the differ in that the virtual telephone operator is dedicated exclusively to attending calls of YOUR clients alone just as if you are hiring your own a regular secretary.

Nothing could be more frustrating for your client than for him or her to refresh and update over and over again to the operator the nature of the calls. This happens because in a call centre, a different operator attends to the phone each time a client calls (even if the calls are just a few minutes apart).

A virtual telephone operator, on the other hand, is the same one who attends to your clients every time a client calls so the issues are continuously updated.

Organizations that has exceptional communications services with their clients are grows are likely to increase and keep them. Outsourcing for a virtual operator service account can ensure that your call answering needs are met 24/7, an obvious business advantage.

An experienced virtual operator facility like MR. OUTSOURCE hires only qualified and trained live receptionists to efficiently perform a wide range of call answering and follow up administrative duties. The account features these outsourcing companies offer are customizable using virtual operator services who attends to individual needs of clients.

By hiring interactive live operators serve as your specialized team of telephone representatives who are dedicated to customer service and enhancing brand identity improves your company’s image in the market. When every call from your client is greeted promptly and in a proprietary manner, the more your satisfied customers multiply.

Note that even companies with full time reception staff can become flooded with phone stress. During peak hours, the remote live operators offer courteous answering service and perform complex scheduling and calendar management duties. They can set, confirm, cancel, and reschedule appointments as they save time and increase productivity for your in-house staff. With virtual telephone operator who helps during times of call overflow, your regular employees can focus on core business.

In addition, a virtual operator services eliminates the limitations of language barriers because bilingual live operators are always available to field incoming calls in multiple languages, generating more revenue around the clock.

In whichever working schedule you hire your virtual telephone operator, be it for full time, part time, or any time service, he or she creates a professional telephone presence. The virtual operator will forward, relay, and/or send routine or emergency messages, according to your account’s operating requirements. In short, hiring a virtual telephone operator in any organization, regardless of its size, will prove a wise and cost-efficient business decision.

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