Everything changed for me when I started outsourcing to the Philippines. I started with just ONE person. Based on that one person I have been able to build a high 6 figure business over the last couple of year whilst travelling the world and living the freedom lifestyle.

What I suggest to all clients is to start with that ONE person that I call a General Virtual Assistant or GVA. The first question you need to ask yourself is; What tasks am I currently doing that are repetitive and what tasks are project based? Repetitive tasks are the ones that your business typically does, daily, weekly or monthly. Once you identify what these are you need to train your GVA on how to do these. You will need to go through a phase of show, train, measure, but in a short space of time you will start getting results!

The next task for a GVA is to start recruiting your virtual team that should consist of; web designer, graphic designer, SEO expert, audio/video editor, content writer and any other person you think you may need to drive your business forwards. (see picture below) Another question you should ask yourself consistently is “how can I NOT do this”!

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Virtual Team Team Building – 3sixtyfactory

http://youtu.be/XurJM2LCgPQ About every 3-4 months we do something special for our team in the Philippines. Above is a video from our most recent team building at Samal Island close to Davao City where we have fun, games, singing and relaxation. Entrepreneurship is all about adding massive value to your customers, but don´t forget about taking great care of the people that work for you also!


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Stats of the Day

Top 10 companies that have outsourced the most jobs are:

  • IBM 63,700
  • EDS 22,400
  • Dell 17,450
  • Cognizant 15,000
  • Siemens AG 15,000
  • General Electric 14,250
  • Convergys 14,000
  • Accenture 13,000
  • Computer Sciences Corp 10,800
  • Intel 10,426

These 10 companies are by themselves responsible for outsourcing nearly 200,000 jobs.

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