Booking appointments is among the tasks usually outsourced by many companies. Hiring somebody to do this saves them a big slice of their standard operating time for their business. When done properly and effectively by a virtual assistant, it improves relationships with customers. An increase in numbers of satisfied clients and associates translates to the faster and brighter growth of a business.


Schedule of appointments should be done efficiently because an appointment-crammed schedule can run havoc on the daily workday schedule. It should be properly managed before it eats up and waste a day’s work. However, adopting simple techniques, like the following, done firmly and consistently usually do the

  • Block out time on your schedule for individual task. Keep a close guard on this appointment so no phone calls or pop-in visits are allowed.
  • Do not accept extra requests for your time from your superiors or co-workers while working on a particular task. To avoid or, at least, minimize waste of your time, coordinate with your superiors or co- workers to submit their written requests in advance so that they can be accommodated at scheduled time.


Book appointments for services directly with customers. Check the availability of appointment times against a client or patient’s needs. Read through the appointment calendar for your business and offer appropriate times that are available to find one that suits the customer. Write or type the name of the customer on the schedule with the necessary time blocked out for their service needs.