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How Your Commute Can Affect Your Health
Long commutes may contribute to stress and low life satisfaction in the US
Lindsay Liepman
“We get cranky, we get stressed out and there are plenty of studies that show that once again, anxiety levels go up, even risks for depression go up.”

Stats of the Day

7 Crazy Stats About How We Spend Our Time & How We Can Fix Them

  • We spend 38 hours per year stuck in traffic
  • We spend 11 hours per day with some form of digital media
  • Women spend nearly one year (287 days) of their life deciding what to wear
  • Men spend 43 minutes per day staring at women
  • We work for 10.3 years
  • We spend 93% of our lives indoors
  • Video Gamers spend 6.3 hours per week playing video games
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