Shopping products and getting services online has become the way to do business these days. When in need of something, consumers highly likely go on the Internet to get the answers they need. This shopping lifestyle has opened doors of opportunities to entrepreneurs. One of which is Product Sourcing. It’s a big business opportunity for so little cost. Anyone can start small with Product Sourcing and when done efficiently, enjoys full time income eventually.

What is Product Sourcing?

Product Sourcing is the process of finding great products to sell through your store. Most online sellers prefer to do product sourcing because one, it allows them a wide range of products to sell and two, earn high profit margins. The process of buying products in bulk for wholesale price and sell it online for profit.

What kind of products to source?

As an entrepreneur, it is imperative that you know the kind of products you are going to sell. Remember to do your research thoroughly as this is a crucial part of your business. Take note of your keywords, demand and of course, competition. You must familiarize yourself with them before trying to find places to get your products from.


What are some websites to find or source products to resell?
This is site has an outstanding data base of suppliers of every products possible. Even with so much information, if you know what to search, their user-friendly parametric search technology provides you a list of accurate answers.
Ingram is your go-to-guy if you are looking for distributors and suppliers of physical and digital content as products: books, music, or media content.
If you are looking for the largest wholesale IT distributor, it is Tech Data. They will provide resellers information on technology products such as networking devices, server, laptops, computers, HD TVs, cameras and more.


Other product sourcing websites are as follows: