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Hi Erlend Bakke her founder of
Today I am outside Tom’s Restaurant which was used on the TV show Seinfeld. Seinfeld was one of the most popular shows on TV for a long time and it’s still aired on many TV stations. It is actually on my bucket list to go and eat here. I have been in New York once before and I didn’t go here I saw it from the outside but I didn’t go in and that was before I started my bucket list as well. And Today was my birthday and for dinner today where the place I really wanted to go is here and it’s 2880 Broadway just the North of Central Park. The food I had was a Ham and Cheese Sandwich, a Greek Salad and a Cheese Cake with a Cherry Jam on which is very New York. It is basically was what they used to have in the show as well. I’m sitting there at the table thinking about how George wanted  to make the Ketchup and Mustard in one bottle which I don’t think he ever went through it was a good idea, I still want that.
In terms of business like if people keep on using your product after you stop creating it and stop selling it then you have been made a really, really good product. Friends like the Revlon Nail cutter is a good example of that so if you able to create the product that people keep using for decades you really, really made as an entrepreneur .
Thank you watching this video. My name is Erlend Bakke signing out here from Tom’s Restaurant in the North Manhattan. Thank you and Byebye!