Here’s an in depth interview of Leo Babauta of Zen Habits who is anti-goals with Tim Ferriss, famous author of the 4-Hour Chef, who is 100% for goals. Having two successful people in one setting discussing a subject that they completely disagree on is something very interesting, not to mention really educational.


Leo believes that goal set as the endpoint is the main problem. If one fails at his established goal, the disappointment is too heavy to bear regardless of how much excitement one experienced along the way. Leo wonders, “Is this goal really necessary?” Tim however strongly believes that goals keep you to move forward in life. Having a target makes you aim for something. Tim was once goalless like everyone of us, he admits in this interview. That in all his aimless wanderings, he would consciously choose what actions to take just to have a certain direction. Tim believes that planning ahead is very important.


The real debate here is improvement versus contentment. In this interview, you will learn more about Tim Ferris and the journey he had on setting goals:

  • What started him on the road to 4-Hour Workweek
  • Tim’s biggest inspirations
  • Tim’s daily routine
  • How Tim sets up his environment for writing
  • Why it’s better to control environment than behavior
  • How Tim figured out his most productive time of day
  • How technology tools can make it easier to be distracted
  • Tim’s trick for ensuring he focuses on important tasks
  • Tim’s His unproductive confessions
  • How Tim motivates himself when he doesn’t feel disciplined


Enjoy learning!