We all have that feeling of inferiority sometimes. For some, it is a passing episode, usually in our teen years when our faces are sprinkled with pimples. Unfortunately, some never outgrow this painful stage and adversely affect their business and professional lives in adulthood.

In this competitive world we live in, where Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” is the norm, we have to overcome this debilitating attitude if we are to succeed. This applies in all phases of life, but more so in the business circle. Let us take the online marketing for instance which has grown so fast in so short a period. Blogging, which is the most common tool used in this business, has become so competitive that in order to gain recognition, you must be a cut above the rest.

Admittedly, this field is not for the shy and the faint- hearted. You may be a kitten but you should learn how to roar like a lion to be heard and seen in the cyber world.

Here are some tips which may help you improve your image online:

1. WORK ON YOUR MINDSET. What you think is what you become. The image you choose to project dictates how people will see you. Your life goes after your self-image. Take note of the top bloggers or those who make regular money online. They believe themselves to be successful people and acted the part so well that they actually become as they think they are — – successful people.

Unfortunately, this idea gets lost on those who have failed several times in the past as bloggers. Despite their effort to work harder for longer hours, they seem unable to make any headway in their career. And in many cases, their problem is their crippled self-image.

2. MEDITATE. It is no magic that your life changes when you try to picture yourself succeeding. This belief system becomes stronger every time you meditate on it and visualize yourself as a successful blogger. Take 30 minutes daily to meditate and recite your own mantra like “I am a successful blogger” and let it sink into your subconscious mind.

Note the difference in the mindsets between the Poor mentality and the Rich mentality in their approach to life:

  • The Poor Mentality (PR) thinks he misses the good old days while the Rich Mentality (RM) of the future.
  • The PR always thinks he is missing something while the RM knows that beliefs come true.
  • The PR thinks of ways to save while the RM thinks how to make more.
  • The PR thinks that maybe, money grows while the RM is certain money grows.

3. SEEK THE COMPANY OF SUCCESSFUL BLOGGERS. Observe and study how top bloggers act on a daily basis. They believe that guest posting is a sure means to boost traffic. Just remember to write informative and useful content that add value to your blog. Read and study top shelf blogs and take heed of what these top bloggers advise. This may immediately improve your blog self-image because you are imitating what these successful bloggers are doing and actually see the results in your own blogs.

4. WELCOME CRITICISMS. Many bloggers fear criticisms. However, you have to accept the fact that they are part of any blogger’s life so take them with a grain of salt. What you cannot avoid, adapt to them and learn to turn them to your advantage. Instead of treating them as personal affront to your ability, consider them as free advice to make you a better blogger, regardless of how they are worded. Oftentimes, those whom you perceived as enemies are better allies than your friends since they are more honest in their opinions. Criticisms toughen you up while guiding you to improve your blogging skills.

5. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. By blogging constantly, you meet successful bloggers along the way. You will learn to live with criticisms positively. Patiently honing your writing skills, you will find your writing voice. Practice can turn you into a confident and more assured blogger. Some bloggers have been writing valuable and relevant blogs for years and yet they never make it online; others come up with mediocre blogs but prosper. What do you think makes the difference in their fortunes? You are right—the losers do not think much of themselves, while the lucky ones maintain a high self-image and expect good opportunities to come their way— and get it.


How you go in life depends very much on how you look at yourself so if you are not getting what you are aiming for, examine the image of yourself you are projecting to the world.