Finally after screening potential Virtual Assistance from the Philippines, you finally got the right person you are looking for: the person who fits perfectly with your current team and the person who can work for your business future. This time I am going to teach you the first important things to talk to your Virtual Assistants now that they are hired.


You Are Hired!


First thing is first. You tell them that they are hired. Telling Filipinos that they have a job and no longer unemployed is one of the best things to do. This way is very important because they will understand that you have given them a job.

Second thing is making the great news concrete by setting their first day of work. Set the time that they should be working and times that they are not. You can set a time for them to be online especially if your business needs someone always available.

Next is to set the mediums of communication that you will be using ie. email, Skype, Viber, mobile phone, etc. Remember the daily update I mentioned from the past tips on How To Outsource To The Philippines? This is also the best to start that one. Remind them send you a daily update of the tasks that they were be doing.

Take A Day OffAnother important thing to mention during your initial hiring communication is letting them know that they can have a day off. However it is also important that you reiterate the importance of telling you the days that they will be off ahead of the time. This is what I tell them, “You don’t have any set time off, I will pay you every month and you can take off whatever time you need, I just need you to tell me ahead of time the exact dates you’re taking off.”

I think one of the things an employee thinks when he’s hired is salary and when will he get it. It is important that you tell your VAs your payment schedule. Monthly payments work for me. Others may need to pay per week or 7 days for the first months or so to create trust in the relationship. Just so them you are really going to pay them for their hard work.


Value Employee Long Term

Lastly, it is important you tell them how much you value long term relationship in the initial hiring communication between you and your VAs. You can tell them how you want to work with them for a very long long time. This way, they feel stable and secure for their future which makes them value their job even more.


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