Once you told your VA that they are hired, the next step is to get them started. As for the moment, I understand how there are so many things you want to get done and now that you finally have the right person to help you, you want these tasks out of your hands immediately. But hold your horses down for a minute. Your VA is not superman. You cannot drown him or her with so much task in the first round. It will result to doing a lot of things altogether but accomplishing nothing in the end.


Do you know what I highly suggest? Teach a single task. Yup, one at a time. If you want your VA to do content writing, article and video marketing, SEO or link building, it is easier to teach them how to do it. More importantly, teach them how you want to do. Teach them one task today. Once they got used to this tasks already and know it like they know the back of their hands, teach them another task.


For example, you want to get all your accounting organized and done as you start the new year. Teach your VA how to do it first. Teach him/her how you want it done. Have him/her doing one receipt at a time. This process can be slow but it will give you higher success rate that let your VA do it by himself.


Please see below to know tips on how to outsource travel bills and accounting to Virtual Assistant´s in Philippines:



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