I just arrived at our cabin in the mountains in Norway for a week off. Yes, I will be relaxing for a week trying not to do any business. It´s very important as an entrepreneur that you do activities that are non-business related and switch off properly. Relaxation is proven to help you produce higher quality work when you are working.

While I´m in the mountains I will train in an inclusive way. That means I will work on my mind, body and soul all in unison. That is something I try to daily no matter where I am. That means I will meditate in the morning and do my daily journal etc. It´s a holiday, but not from my positive habits, they are ingrained and a BIG part of my life.

The latest interview on Invincible Entrepreneur is Mike Bosworth (Enjoy:)
Using your intuition to make sales http://invincibleentrepreneur.tv/podcast/mike-bosworth

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A Meditation System for Entrepreneurs Who Can’t Sit Still

Vishen Lakhiani is the guy behind the award-winning company Mindvalley and FinerMinds.com. Vishen is considered one of the young visionaries behind the personal growth movement.

On my Kindle
Unbeatable Mind: Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level by Mark Divine
Probably the best book I have read on mindset and the importance of inclusive training. If you think you can only train your mind and not do anything physical to build mental toughness you are wrong. Inclusive training is when you train your body, mind and soul daily to live the life you want. Mark Divine will be featured on Invincible Entrepreneur in a few week and is an ex Navy Seal Commander. He is the real deal so check him out!
Stats of the Day

5 Surprising Stats About Entrepreneurs’ Health

  1. Sixty-three percent of entrepreneurs say they eat five or more servings of produce every four days
  2. Almost 58 percent of them say they exercise for at least 30 minutes a day three times a week.
  3. Business owners are the second least likely group to be obese. They are 4 percent less likely to be obese than managers and executives, and 5 percent less likely to be obese than office workers–perhaps as a result of their healthy eating.
  4. While only 17 percent of business owners smoke, this is a larger percentage of smokers than in the office worker, manager, nurse, or doctor populations.
  5. People who own their own businesses are among the three happiest groups of professionals, with an overall well-being score of more than 73 points.
Must Have Software

Mindful Meditation
Mindfulness meditation is a centuries-old practice advocated by the Great Buddha to attain spiritual and psychological enlightenment. It involves focusing on your thoughts and action in the present without judging yourself. “In Mindfulness practice, just by sitting and doing nothing, we are doing a tremendous amount.”– Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

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The Internet Millionaire Maker Seminar is being held on the following dates:
9 – 11 Oct. 2014 New York
16 – 18 Oct. 2014 Los Angeles
More info coming soon 🙂

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Bucket List Idea
Visit Moscow, Russia
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