1If it is that easy to be rich, how come there are still so many poor people? The mere that you are thinking that way stops you from being rich. Believe it or not but what you are thinking affects your life. Do you know that you are never wrong about what you think? As the Japanese says: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’ll be right both ways”. So when you think it is impossible for you to be rich, then, it is impossible for you to be rich—simple as that.

What and how then should you think your way to abundance? Start by making the following affirmations:

  • I believe I am worthy to be rich”. It is unfortunate indeed that many are brainwashed from childhood that they are “not good enough”. This results to the development of a low-esteem in them when they grow up. Parents often say this to curb the tendency of their children to be haughty and grow up as good and humble individuals. It is true that humility is a virtue but it should not necessarily mean you have to be poor to be humble. There are poor people whose pride shoots up to the sky and there are wealthy individuals whose feet remain planted firmly on the ground. Genuine humility has nothing to do with being poor.

As we grow up to adulthood, others may still drum this “not good enough” on you but out of envy. These are the people who think they have put others down in order to rise up. Forget them.

One way to prop you self-worth up is to stop comparing yourself with others. Remember that no one is good at everything, but everyone is good at something and you have something uniquely yours that makes you worthy to be rich as anyone else.

  • 1“I believe it is possible for me to get rich”. Just as a teacher would come when you are ready to learn, so it is with abundance. Once the universe senses that you are ready to experience abundance, it will send you abundance. To prepare yourself, start with your mindset. Forget those limiting expressions your parents used to tell you such as “money does not grow on trees”; or “do you think money simply falls down from the sky?” If you entertain the notions that money is very difficult to get, then it is. Instead, drum into your head that anything is possible, including getting rich.  However, you need to believe this before it does, that’s the Law of Attraction at work.
  • I am grateful for everything I have”. If you do not appreciate and feel grateful for what you have now, what assurance does the universe has that you would appreciate what it plans to give you later? The more you appreciate what you already have, the more likely you will acquire more. Consistent and meaningful expressions of gratitude increase productivity, enhance creativity, and encourage cooperation. Gratitude, generosity, and abundance often go together and when these are expressed externally, they produce an increase for all.

Also, always think positive at all times, even when you do not actually have yet what you hope for. Remember that the less you have now, the more there is to get in the future, so cheer up and be grateful for your ability to hope and dream!

  • “I am happy for the rich and successful people”. The rich people are proofs that abundance is attainable and their lives are worth emulating. Often, less successful people demonize rich people labelling them “selfish”, “snob”, or “dishonest”. Actually, these qualities are not exclusive to the well-to-dos because many ordinary and poor people are just as guilty. Also, if you harbour such negativity towards the rich, how would you expect the universe to make you one of them? The universe would think abundance would not make you happy so why should it make you feel miserable? Rather than think ill of rich people, bless them and say a ‘thank you’ in advance for becoming one of them one day.
  • Imagine yourself being rich. Surround yourself with pictures of the life you will achieve. Get brochures from travel agencies of places you will visit. Post affirming “abundance” notes on your walls and bulletin boards, calendar, by the wall clocks, as bookmarks of books you are reading, etc. These will ensure that your mind is constantly reminded of your dream to be rich and enjoy the fruits of abundance. Do not forget: Imagination is stronger than knowledge, dreams are more powerful than facts, and hope can triumph over experience.
  • 1“I love you, money”. Express your love of money in your words so the universe hears it. Also, this is one way to make money love you in return and because it will be with someone who welcomes it. But how come there are those you aver they hate money? They are just sour grapes who pretend to hate what they could not hope to get. It’s a way of saving face and justifying their lack of it. Avoid negative expressions about money. Money is not the root of evil, what is evil is the greed for it.  It is possible to love something without being attached to it. Money is like water on the open palm of your hand to be handled gently — it stays there until you try to clasp it tight; then it flows out through your clenched fingers.
  • Settle your financial obligations with a light heart. Many hold tight to their money and the thought of it going out sickens them. When you pay your financial obligations, be happy instead.  It affirms that you have money to pay for them. It provides tangible proofs that money is on your side because it provides you the comforts in life such as electricity to run your appliances, petrol to run you car, etc. Treat paying bills as positive affirmations of abundance and expect more will come to sustain its existence in your life.

As far as abundance is concerned, condition your mind to be committed in acquiring it. Do not just wish for it, work for it. Remember that dreams only work when you do.