These days, most communications in business are done through the internet but this has become a big problem. With the ever- expanding use of this cyber technology.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 5.45.09 AMFortunately, there are now service tools that are designed to run in the Internet, instead of making additional download application that clutters their already overburdened PCs.   These tools offer the convenience and ease of use in performing many of these routine office tasks and mostly—for free. Among these tasks is coordinating the scheduling of demos and interviews which is considered by most as the least pleasant part of their job and consume much of their time.

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Among these time-saving tools is the TimeDriver from TimeTrade Systems that enables user to virtually invite clients right from the laptop and desktop computers. However, TimeDriver is safe to use because it is not a calendar-sharing application.  The user’s calendar remains private.

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TimeDriver is an appointment management service that sets up a “schedule now” button on the website or internet. With this button, it allows the other party to see the times the user is available and coordinate with him through his Outlook or Google calendar.  It also avoids double-booking.

A practical usage of TimeDriver is when scheduling a back-to-back meeting with other companies. It is also useful for holding virtual office hours. For booking lead generation based on the user’s actual activities for the week. Of course, this process can be made easier if a virtual assistant is hired to do this.

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TimeDriver takes the guesswork and busywork out of scheduling individual appointments with a number of different people.  This is done as follows:

  1. TimeDriver connects with either the Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.
  2. TimeDriver’s calendaring page is used to indicate blocks of time when to schedule appointments by dragging from the start to the end time. The system syncs up with the overall calendar and immediately blacks out times with already have something else scheduled.  This is done continually any additional events or appointments are added to the user’s personal calendar.
  3. Then, a link is generated so that others’ appointments can be shared with that of the user.
  4. From there, it is possible to click over to view open dates and times for scheduling a demo with the user, add any notes, and submit the information into the system. The date and time already chosen is automatically removed from the availabilities that others will see.

In setting up the TimeDriver, follow the following tips:

1. Name the event (meeting, discussion of details, etc)

2. Specify the manner the event will be done (by phone or a face-to-face meeting).

3. Set the time frame for the event.

4. Compose your invitation message (photo or logo optional). Add qualifying questions for advance feedback.

5. Choose windows of availability.

6. Get scheduling link or send out emails for the activity set up.

Although TimeDriver is a versatile tool, it has some limitations.  It does not do is to coordinate scheduling for multiple people. The TimeDriver system does not track all recipients of the emails the user send including of those who has responded, those who has looked at user’s invitation but has not responded  nor  has not looked at all.

For additional information about TimeDrive, please watch below: