What an amazing read! Now and again you come across a book that will blow your mind (for more mind blowing books click here) and this is one of them. The strange thing was that suddenly a lot of people I met started recommending the same book and I started asking myself, why haven´t I heard or found this book before. Anyhooo-anny-heee! Read it!

The Slight Edge is about how the little everyday things you do daily is what creates success and failure in life. It´s about making the choice of postponing that bike ride you had planned, choosing the large fries and coke about putting $ 10 into and index fund each month or not. For me this book is life changing. Suddenly every little action I take becomes relevant and has much more meaning as i know its about laying another brick towards building my life in one direction or the other. Becoming and being conscious about your little daily actions is extremely important because when you add them all up it becomes a mountain of either what you want or what you don´t.

You are what you consistently do. Excellence therefore, is not an act. It is a habit.” – Aristotle

 At the very end you are given simple task of filling in your slight edge rituals that you will embedd into the following areas; Health, Business, Personal Development, Relationships and Finances.

My dreams for my …… (specific, vivid and with a timeline):

Price to pay:

Plan to start;

One simple daily discipline: