The Secret to Financial Freedom is discussed by Jamie McIntyre in this video. Everybody wants to rich, but why isn’t every rich? Why most people although they live in a wealthy country, why they are not rich? Actually, it’s about attracting the right kind of energy. The laws of attraction can help you get what you want. If you think positively, you will attract more friends and with a positive attitude and the right mindset, you are more likely to get your goals accomplished.

The secrets of success, including getting your desired results through attracting them is known to successful people. These are some of them:

Donald Trump

Robert Kiyosaki

Tony Robbins

And many others

You can take for example Warren Buffet, if you get motivation from him, you can learn off him, and be able to accomplish more. You don’t need to go the trial and error route as it will take you a long time to get something right. So if you learn from Warren Buffet, you will most probably succeed in investing too.