Here are my Top 13 Game-Changing Ideas that will fundamentally help you stay on track to achieve your business goals in 2013.
Top 13 Game-Changing Ideas





Follow these, and your results in 2013 will be “miraculous”!
1) Schedule at least an hour per week for critical thinking – Think on Paper!
2) Plan your day before it starts.
3) Before you start building a solution or “machine” to solve your problems, accurately identify the problem that “IS”.
4) Create and consistently measure the five critical drivers of your business.
5) Find and eliminate the expenses in your business that are not contributing to gaining new customers or keeping the ones you have.
6) Understand and use the financial levers in your business cockpit.
7) Use the five financial levers to dramatically improve the cash flow.
8) Transform your “high maintenance” team into a “high-performing” team by focusing on the culture.
9) Create a workplace culture in which employees regularly raise their hand and ask, “What else can I do?”
10) Run your business so that customers would say: “I would have to be crazy to go somewhere else!”
11) Develop a strong enough brand (niche) to attract customers and repel the competition.
12) Increase your profits and cash flow, without increasing sales.
13) Reduce the hours spent on nonproductive activities and increase the effort on activities that drive real bottom line results.

I have attended the 4Day MBA with Keith in Austin Texas and it was amazing!

The same year my company increased turnover by 55% largely due to the tools and strategies I learned from Keith at this event.

4 Day MBA – Testimonial Erlend Bakke – Owner of 3sixty, 3sixtyfactory and YouSpin from YouSpin360 – by 3sixty on Vimeo.