The movie ‘Invictus’ takes place when Nelson Mandela collaborates with the captain of South Africa’s rugby team to mediate the economic and racial division in their nation. Mandela used the sport to bring message to the people that unity in diversity is possible and it is what their nation needs to become great.

The message of the story is leadership. True leaders are good leaders, but among good leaders is a great leader. This is the challenge of Nelson Mandela to their Rugby team coach on how to effectively use leadership to move people. In order to deliver his message to the nation, he conveyed it through a sport event.

Mandela showed his people that although they are of different color and class, they are but one nation capable of defeating their enemy. They may be dissected by their biological differences, but they are one body. When all parts go together, they can move freely and become great. But, if they remain dissected without any common ground all of them will fall into defeat, without something to hope for.

Mandela showed an art of leadership. He sculpted their nation using a tool that his countrymen can easily understand.