We are all connected in business and life. The world is built by millions and millions of smaller and larger systems that can effect each other in a smaller or larger way. This is easy to forgett when you start a business. When you build a business you are very lucky because you can choose what business-ecosystem you want to belong to.

In short if you have successfull clients, you are helping them become more successfull and they are helping you become successfull as well. It the same case in the business to consumer market. If you add value to a consumers life through your business they will make you rich because of this added contribution. You have to create value in your business ecosystem to make money. This is not only related to the products you produce or the customers you serve, but also your suppliers. Make everyone good around you and you will do well. Creating a positive ecosystem around your business and yourself is probalby the best investment you can do in business.

In 2010 my main focus is on networking and building many positive relations for my business and myself. The first year I started my business I was 100% product and sales focused and only left the office to buy supplies or go to client meetings.

Positive wealth creating ecosystems.

Destructive ecosystems