This is another great story to ponder on. It speaks about rules, traditions, and everything else that have been set before us. The story is the same as society. We follow rules that have been crafted and being practiced a long time ago. Every time we think differently and go beyond to what others can comprehend, we will be punished. Eventually, we tend to follow established concepts, which in reality seem meaningless to us.

If we want to become free and be limitless, we have to go beyond from what is usual. We need to discover the truth behind every concept, perception, belief, theory, and idea. We need to think squarely and consider every angle to arrive or get closer to truth.

Nothing is constant in this world except change, right? Thus, if we have the potential to become great and become someone bigger than ourselves, then we must break wrong conceptions and start believing in ourselves. Otherwise, our lives will remain irrelevant and passive.

Although there are regulations and laws that are set to protect human interest, these are also subject to change. What is true today might not be true tomorrow. Learning from history and developing new ideas will help us live a life worth living.