There is money in those comments, believe it or not.

Most bloggers often dismiss the comments they receive. Ironically, they spend time and effort encouraging their readers to send in their comments, but when they do, bloggers often times do not even bother to give them a second look.

Usually, bloggers concentrate only on the content of their blog posts and on the text ads, banners they upload on the sidebar, the header and footer on their website. This is understandable since direct cash is derived from them. However, they are missing another source of indirect income—the comments of their readers. Most bloggers are not aware of this opportunity.

As a blogger, your readers’ comments are a rich source of ideas to blog. At times when you run out of topics to discuss, you can review the comments you get from their readers. In many cases, readers tell you what they expect to learn from the blogs they read. If they like your style of writing, they will even ask you to discuss some new topics they are interested in. What is good about this is that you will be writing to an interested and well-targeted audience because they specifically asked about the topics they want to read.

When you blog on the topics your readers suggest, they will surely write back more good words and praises for your works. With your readers’ permission, these appreciative comments can be used as testimonial on how satisfied your readers are with site. This process will increase the number of your followers exponentially in no time at all.

Acknowledging and showing appreciation to the effort of your commenter will win their friendship and loyalty. As reward for the attention you give them, they will refer you to their friends and their friends’ friend. How is that for a bonus for simply commenting on your readers’ comments?

Encourage your readers to continue sending in their comments and tips by rewarding their effort with free stuff such as eBooks or tutorial videos.

Run a contest where readers will send in their replies to your questions regarding the blogs you post. Again, you can reward them with freebies.

Earning from the comments of your readers may not give you instant direct income. However, consider the repercussion of your attentions to them in terms of wider readership and increased traffic. All bloggers know these will eventually mean money rolling in.


So start paying closer attention to those comments. Do not ignore this potential source of added income for you.