Erlend Bakke Author of the 1# Amazon International Bestseller ‘Never Work Again

Here we are Beautiful Shard about to go up! Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful here we go!

Erlend Bakke founder of and author of international best seller Never Work Again just crossing off another thing here on my bucket list from Beautiful London.   It’s the top of Shard actually and it is really cool up here. You can see London from old sides and  It is actually open all the way out as well  on the top level here.  Beautiful, Beautiful view 360 degrees and the thing is I am in the 360 photography business area and of course it is fun to see the beautiful City from all sides.

Thank you for watching this video another  thing I’m crossing off from my bucket list here from beautiful  London . I’m gonna watch the sunset here now  with my beautiful girlfriend and it is just amazing to go up in here remember you have to buy ticket online first just in case so you don’t travel all the way here and then you can’t go up. But if you come here Wednesday to Saturday you can go to Borough Market which is  just down here and I recommend getting  the Chorizo burger  or the Raclette which is my two favorite meals down there.

Erlend Bakke here signing out, thank you for watching ByeBye!