With the coming of the Cybervirtual-office Age, established and giant conglomerates are slowly fading out of the business scene. The great advancements in communication technology have shrunk the world so that business transactions can now be conducted with people thousands of miles across the globe with lightning speed. This made possible the opening of virtual offices where physical presence of management teams is not necessary. These virtual workplaces which are usually located in great distances, or even in other countries, are managed remotely via sophisticated communication facilities.


However, this big change in conducting business, although very cost-effective, fast, and less labour intensive, is not without its problems. If the conventional way of running a business entails many problems, virtual offices ushered in additional headaches especially in the management aspect. With the absence of close physical contacts between the employer and the employees, many factors necessary for effective management are difficult to handle. These include proper compliance to company rules, efficient time management of workers, as well as the reliable and fast implementations of decisions and instructions. The employer finds it difficult to see and assess the actual picture of the virtual office’s operation, thus unable to take the prompt actions needed.  In most cases, he depends blindly on the feedbacks he gets from his virtual employees.

hubstaff-videosWith the introduction of the Hubstaff software in the market, these problems are now things of the past as far as virtual management is concerned. This innovative software offers a simple and accurate time tracking system that that captures screenshots, monitors activity levels, and allows effective management of a remote team.

With the Hubstaff software, a manager can quickly see who among the remote employees are online, what projects they are presently working on, and how much time they are spending for the job. Managers get better insight into what’s really happening in the organization.

The software, when installed in the system, equally benefits the employees. It can prove their work and gain recognition for their effort because all their working hours are duly reflected in their timesheets where their remote payments are based. It also makes employee payments faster and more convenient. There will be no cost for making contractor payments with its forthcoming integration with PayPal for faster and more convenient transfer of funds.

Other features of the Hubstaff software include:

  • Flexibility: It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Speed: It can track time to the second
  • Convenience: The desktop apps run silently in the background
  • Accuracy: It takes screenshots and records activity levels
  • Versatility: It can track time to an unlimited number of projects.
  • Improved productivity: It helps remote teams hit budgets and deadlines by getting rid of the wasted time in an organization
  • Efficiency:  It quickly spots ineffective workers.

In short, The Hubstaff software offers less management and better insight for any virtual business.

For more details on Hubstaff software, please watch:  http://youtu.be/HHACM3G_qFk