The video shares what Katie she feels is the biggest secret to motivating oneself. It’s to take more action. A lot of entrepreneurs, regardless of what industry they’re in, no matter what they dreams and goals are, if they do not take action towards what they want to achieve, it will never happen.

Things don’t just fall into our laps, we all know this. But unfortunately, about 98 percent of people, no matter how much they know such principle and despite knowing how much they have to take action, will never do it.

They never take that first step. Or they’ll take a few steps and then something will stop them and then they are paralyzed and stuck. To avoid the trap, this can be done through a simple mindset shift that can be applied to your mind or to your business. It involves a shift in your association. After all, it’s human nature to be driven by two forces: fear and desire. We either move away from something out of fear or move towards something out of desire.

So if you have goals and dreams and visions, you should not let your fears overcome your desires. Learn more about the secret to this by watching this video now!