Fear is a feeling that hinders our view towards success. It blocks our vision and dreams. It makes us think that we cannot do it. It lies in the deepest recesses of our brain. It mutates into much bigger problem – anxiety and frustration.
First we should accept that we are afraid of something that we hate losing the game or achieving nothing. Otherwise, we keep on falling without knowing the cause of our mistakes. Once fear is recognized, we are ready to overcome it. We are ready to resurface from the depths of our fear show courage by unlocking our true potential.
Always imagine the outcome of your goals. Ponder on the things that you wish to change in your life and look for ways to achieve it, step by step. If you are afraid to commit in a relationship, why don’t you start dating someone and learn the benefits of being with somebody. If you are afraid of heights, start an adventure trip with friends liking hiking or wall climbing to start. If you are afraid to lose in a game, why don’t you use more of your time to prepare and train.
Take control of your fear, gradually. Consider all things that might come your way and be ready for it.