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Have you ever thought about the upside of stress?
I have always thought that stress = heart disease, cancer and other bad things, but this is not correct?
How stress manifests in your body depends on your belief about stress!
Here are some of the benefits of stress;
The Stress Response Helps You Rise to the Challenge, Connect with Others, and Learn and Grow.
Mindset is everything as an entrepreneur and how we view the world physically manifests in the world also.

Another important point to add is: If you do not face your fears, the stress related to them will not go away. In fact the fear is likely to grow inside you until you face that fear and have what is called a big breakthrough!

Here are some of the stresses you will feel as an entrepreneur;
1) Loneliness – If you are part of a tribe that does things a certain way then you may feel stress when you choose to do things differently. The trick here is to find a new tribe with people have a similar world view. I did not do this when I started and it was a BIG mistake!

2) Failure – When you start a business you will fail your way to success. I fail at things every day, but I now know that failure is the worlds best teacher and the only way to succeed at what you are creating. I always want to win, but I know that I only learn and improve when I fail. Fear of failure causes massive stress (Check I had that one also!)

3) Urgency – Typically entrepreneurs are very optimistic and plan similarly. However this can create a large sense of urgency which again leads to stress. As you will see below a simple mindset shift that stress is good for you changes the chemical reaction in your body and it become good for you!

4) Comparing Yourself with other people that are more successful than you is a known stressor. How we view this stress is important. Option 1) I wonder what I can learn from this person so I can get the same or better result? or 2) I´m a looser because I don´t have the same results.

5) Age – I´m to OLD! I´m to Young!!!? Both have benefits. The trick is focus on those.

To read more about what successful people do I read this article this week and really enjoyed it. Click Here

I´m currently working a lot on my Hardcore MBA training which will be a 3-4 day seminar where I´m going to train entrepreneurs in how they can master the game and become part of the 1-10% of people that succeed. I´m creating this program because of all the stress and struggle that I have gone through the past 8 years as an entrepreneur. My BIG WHY is that I want to dramatically improve the chance of an entrepreneur succeeding after they attend my course. So much of the pain I put myself under could have been avoided if I had attended the right course! Until the course goes live you can check out our podcast with the same name here.

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