It is indeed a paradox that if you want to save something, you have to spend it. Just like money which you have to spend to make more money, so is with time which you have to spend to save more time. Here are some ways to save time by spending it:

Spend time in learning a skill

Doing a tLearnask which we lack knowledge about usually eats up a lot of our time to accomplish. Besides costing money, we waste a lot of time correcting mistakes and repeating the process many times. The best way to avoid these from happening is to study the proper way to do the task.Learning the skill to do a task is not an over-night process.It takes dedication, perseverance, and time. Fortunately, information and training are easily available. We either avail of free online tutorials or enrol in inexpensive, short courses. The skill we gain will stop the costly way of doing a task inefficiently which saves us time in the future.

systemSpend time in putting up system

Doing a routine task repeatedly spends a lot of time. For example, replying to similar emails daily can be solved by using auto-responders; or by spending time to analyze the present flow of operations in your business. Study which tasks are redundant that can be eliminated altogether. See which tasks can be streamlined to be more efficient and will save time. Putting up a more efficient work procedure will initially take up a lot of your time but it ensures you of a time-saving and cost-effective system in the future.

Spend time in making decisions

decisionHaphazard decisions can be done in a snap but usually with adverse results. They may even cause a lot of heart-beating and head-banging outcome that are not easy or are very costly to resolve. It is, therefore, a very wise move to spend enough time when faced with an important decision. Take time for careful deliberation. Weigh all the pros and the cons of the issue. All these will mean spending time but it is well worth it to avoid costly mistake and greater loss of time later in correcting a wrong decision done haphazardly.

Spend time reading
Often times, costly and irreparable damage occur by not reading a manual or a message carefully. For example, by disregarding the written instructions, we plug an electrical device into the wrong voltage. Not only is the error committed not covered by the warranty, it may even cause fire or may give you an electric shock. By not reading a message carefully, we may give an erroneous reply. We may also lose a legal issue because we fail to read a contract carefully. So much can be lost when we do not spend the time to read things.

Spend time in keeping notes

Spending time to keep notes is a great time-saver. Imagine someone conducting a meetingon subjects that had been discussed or problems that had been resolved notesearlier just because he had no notes of previous meetings— a waste of time indeed. How about a speaker or a lecturer fumbling for words because he does not have notes to guide him, thus wasting the time of his audience?

Spend time to make a To-Do list
Spend time to draw up a plan of action for your project. You will be wasting a lot of time and money if you play things “by ear”. Do not depend on mental pictures on how to do things. To-Do lists are meant to be read to for them to be useful and effective. Not consulting your written down plan every now and then may cause mistakes that will cost you to waste more time in

Spend time to take breaks
take breakWe are not meant to work like robots or machines. We need to spend time to take regular breaks from our work. These breaks are important to refresh and relax us. They help us to stay focused and energized in order to function more effectively and efficiently. These breaks  will enable us to work with less or no mistakes and accomplish our tasks in lesser time.

Time saved is money saved. But time, like money, has to be spent in order to have more of it, right?