Stop WishingAn idea can be a start of something great.  Unfortunately, many ideas remain unfulfilled and later abandoned. The greatest ideas are worthless unless they are acted upon. Merely dreaming of their realization is not enough although it is a step towards the right direction.

If your ideas evaporate into thin air each time, retrace your steps from the instant the idea hatched in your mind to the last second before it almost becomes a reality. Think when and why things get awry that cause you to abandon them. The following topics may help refresh your mind for the reasons:

Afraid of failing:  It is human nature to fear experiencing failures. However, failures and setbacks are parts of any venture in life. The road to the attainment of goals is strewn with obstacles. However, you should not consider these hurdles as failures that prevent you from reaching success. Instead, look at them as guide posts that point the right direction to your goal.

Stop WishingOvercome by many ideas: At times, the reason for premature abandonment of ideas is by being crushed by their numbers. Tackling more than one idea at a time is a very unwise move.  It usually ends up in failure. You simply cannot work efficiently on more than one task simultaneously. People are simply not created that way. Multitasking is never an option to succeed.

Impatience: Rome was not built in a day and so are your ideas. Great ideas worth pursuing require time for their realization. Desire for instant gratification can result to haphazard planning and eventual failure or abandonment of the task.

Stop WishingLack of preparation: Although enthusiasm can be a vital motivator, it should be harnessed properly. Uncontrolled drive can make you overlook or ignore planning.  Without a clear blueprint on how to accomplish your goal will cost you time, effort, and resources – all wasted due to lack of sufficient preparation. Find out the materials you need, the cost of the project, the possible assistance from whom and when, etc. Failure to anticipate the requirements for the realization of your idea may cause wasteful delays or even discontinuance altogether.

You lack definition:  Abstract ideas are difficult to grasp, much less to work on.  Make your ideas as tangible as possible by having a clear picture of them in your mind. Be specific on your purpose. Merely saying “I will empower my readers with my website” is a noble aim but too abstract. Better say “I will empower my readers by posting inspiring articles weekly”. This makes your idea credible and achievable.

commitmentYou lack commitment: Without firm dedication to the task is like a boat with no engine. It just floats at sea and drifts wherever the waves take it.  A strong commitment to realize your idea will help you withstand all obstacles, doubts, and discouragement you encounter along the way.

Too lofty expectation:  Aiming high is good but it can become your enemy in making your idea materialize. Make your target practical and achievable. This will avoid being overwhelmed prematurely.  The mere thought of the countless details you think are vital to the success of your idea may frighten you. Just start with the first step and then ask, “What next?”

Raise your head to the clouds but keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.

Ideas are the keys to success but they cannot stand on their own.  They must be propped up by concrete actions — yours.  So go ahead and turn your dreams to wishes, and make your wishes come true by acting on them!