1Before you do anything, know first what a comfort zone is and why should venture out of it.  Comfort zone is a behavioural condition that provides you a state of mental security. This can give you ordinary happiness, low anxiety, and reduced stress. This being the case, why should you choose to step out of it? It is because this condition encourages you to be complacent in your life thus preventing you from pursuing your dreams and attaining your goals. This usually results to a mediocre kind of life.

Venturing out of your comfort zone may eventually cause stress due to a heightened level of concentration and focus. However, you could avoid or at least minimize the chance of this happening by taking these steps:

  • Take baby steps. Just like a toddler who is learning to take its first steps, do not be afraid to slowly venture out of your comfort zone.  This could be as frightening to you but think how important it is to undergo this process in order to set you free to pursue your dreams.
  • Change your daily routine.  Regardless of how big or insignificant is the change, the mere idea of doing things differently from the way you are used to helps you in step out of your comfort zone. It could be just taking another route to your work or trying a new restaurant every time you dine out. Be aware of any changes that result from the changes. They may not be as what you expect yet but be patient and keep up with your effort.
  • Man with pen and questionnaire. 3dTailor made your plan of action to fit your situation. This will minimize the discomfort of the changes in your life. For example, slowing down from your usual pace is effective when you are used to living a hectic schedule. Learn to slow down and take time to analyze what’s happening around and how it affects you.Think instead of just reacting impulsively to circumstances. However, just as careful thinking helps if you are used to hasty actions, resorting to snap decisions could be the antidote to habitual procrastination. When you have become very comfortable in lengthy deliberations, making snap decisions is an effective step to help you walk out of your comfort zone.This will teach you to make quick decisions and learn to trust your judgement.

In escaping from the grip of your comfort zone, the inconveniences you may experience are well worth the benefits you would miss altogether if you do not do it.  By stepping out of your old world, you have opened wider the door towards the attainment of your dreams unhampered by the limiting beliefs inside your comfort zone.