I know you love your business and that you want to spend a lot of time on developing and improving your business consistently. However it´s very important to take care of yourself as well! If you don´t take good care of yourself you will not be physically able to perform in your business either. I have just finished reading “The 4-Hour Body” by Timothy Ferriss and really enjoyed the book. The book goes through several experiments performed by Tim in regards to what you should eat, how you can excercise, how to have better sex, how to live forever and similar topics. Read it! Tim talks to Richard Branson about how to be more effective as an entrepreneur and they conclude that working out is very important and gives you 4 more hours of productivity per day. I would like to mention that working out can be an excellent opportunity to log-off and let your subconsious work out all the challenges you are facing and a great way to disconnect and recharge your mental energy. I set my goals low when it comes to exercise, but have comitted to doing 1 hour 2 times a week and logging this by using RunKeeper. The hour exists of 30-40 minute jogging and 20 minutes with other excersises.

Measuring what you do really works great as a motivator! While reading The 4-Hour Body I decided on much more actively tracking my workouts by using RunKeeper + iPhone 4, Ant + and a Garmin heart measuring device. It´s great! Bellow is a picture of how all this data is logged in RunKeeper by using their application on an iPhone 4.

Just to clarify, Ant + and the Garmin belt can be purchased from Whaoo Fitness and it was slightly confusing what was what in regards to this equipment. Instead of purchasing the equipment on Amazon I decided to buy it straight from their website which worked well. For some reason i managed to pick the Wahoo Fitness Pack 2 instead of 1 which is a mistake. I recommend getting the armband as having the equipment around your waste when running is not comfortable. So get Wahoo Fitness Pack 1. Download the RunKeeper app from the appstore and make a profile. Once you have done this you are able to sync you account with Facebook so you can post your activities directly to your wall and see if some of your friends are using RunKeeper. With the Elite account you get a full featured RunKeeper account that I have just started trying out.

To sum up take care of yourself so you can take care of your business.